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Latest requests:
Request : Please upload a Dr.rajkumar's Aananda Roopa Ayyappa full album
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/35762/Anandaroopa-Ayyappa-By-Dr-Rajkumar-songs-download.html
Request : Raja nanna raja 1976
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/15920/Raja-Nanna-Raja-songs-download.html
Request : koma koma koma prema
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/data/file/21643/College-Kumaru-mp3.html
Request : Vijay raghavendra hits
Admin Response : Soon We'll add.
Request : Kashi from village
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/23201/Kashi-songs-download.html
Request : maneyemantralaya
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/33919/Maneye-Manthralaya-songs-download.html
Request : needed channappa channegowda kumbar maadid kodanavva with latest music..plz
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/839/Channappa-Channegowda-songs-download.html
Admin Response : For Video Songs Visit http://kannadamasti.net
Request : sidilu movie songs

Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/18828/Sidilu-songs-download.html
Request : sididedda pandavaru (1994) actor - shashikumar
Admin Response : We are very sry that we couldn't find your albums...
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