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Latest requests:
Request : kirik party
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/40886/Kirik-Party-2016-songs-download.html
Request : Kittu puttu Kannada movie songs
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/17744/Kittu-Puttu-songs-download.html
Request : Bhava sanchara
Audio on :lahari music
Music by :Raju anathswamy
Upload admin
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/41147/Bhava-Sanchara-songs-download.html
Request : Boothayyana maga ayyu
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/17357/Bhootayyana-Maga-Ayyu-songs-download.html
Request : Musanje mathu songs
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/4030/Mussanje-Maatu-songs-download.html
Request : Satya jyothi Kannada movie songs
Admin Response : we are sry, we couldn't find any song from the above album.
Request : Shree movie songs
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/41137/Shri-songs-download.html
Request : Janapada Song
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/25579/Janapriya-Janapada-Geethegalu-songs-download.html
Request : Karulina Kare Kannada movie songs Mysore dasara
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/15674/Karulina-Kare-songs-download.html
Request : Saoubhagya Lakshmi Kannada mp3songs
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/18187/Sowbhagya-Lakshmi-songs-download.html
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