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Latest requests:
Request : Love failure
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/25684/Kannada-Top-100-Love-Songs-songs-download.html
Request : Kadudu muchi songs
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/data/file/3189/Kaddu-Mucchi-mp3.html
Request : Ughe madeshwara serial title song
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/44824/Ughe-Ughe-Madeshwara-Serial-songs-download.html
Request : Premageethe
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/18737/Prema-Geethe-songs-download.html
Request : Please release jagamalla songs bro please
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/44802/Jaga-Malla-songs-download.html
Request : Request:natasarvabhouma
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/43061/Natasaarvabhowma-songs-download.html
Request : Nan short movie du three songs upload madbeku nim contact try madtidini sir agtilla please help me 9611174886
Admin Response : kindly submit Your Short Movie Youtube Link
Request : Amma I love you
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/42954/Amma-I-Love-You-songs-download.html
Request : Mane belagida sose Kannada movie songs
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/44814/Mane-Belagida-Sose-songs-download.html
Request : Natasarvabhowma
Admin Response : http://kannadamasti.com/mp3/43061/Natasaarvabhowma-songs-download.html
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